Box Tipplers: Ten Things To Consider

Box Tipplers: Ten Things to Consider

Box tipplers are an essential part of the intake process. We have sold almost 1000 so we know a thing or two about them – what are the things that you should consider when planning to purchase a new box tippler?

Produce: What will the tippler be handling? Different produce will have its own unique requirements, that’s why we offer several different options, designed to suit various demands.

Capacity: How much produce will the box tippler be handling? Not just now, but in the future too! For smaller quantities, our highly efficient, heavy duty and user-friendly hydraulic box tippler will do the job, but if you’re scaling up and will be handling large volumes, then our market-leading Rota-Tip box tippler will be the one for you.

Space:  The type of box tippler you go for will have to fit comfortably into your packhouse or factory. We will need to see the area where it will be positioned and the reach for the FLT feeding the machines. If you’re replacing a box tippler, then we will need to know the feed off heights.

Box type: Boxes are made from several different materials and come in various sizes. Knowing whether the boxes are wooden or plastic and their capacity will help us recommend the best type of box tippler for you.

Maintenance: The ease of keeping the box tippler in good working order and the cost of servicing don’t appear on quotations and can be a cost further down the line. Therefore, all of Haith’s machines are designed to be easy to maintain, and to handle the toughest of environments. This, in combination with the reliability of our machines and the quality materials that we use, lowers the lifetime operating cost of the machine.

Safety: This is of paramount importance as lifting boxes can be dangerous. Ensure the box tippler you go for offers the highest levels of operator safety, such as guard positions and LOLER certificates and that the tippler is positioned in the safest way.

Location: Will your box tippler always feed the same line, or do you have multiple locations? For instance, tipping boxes onto a grading line and then feeding a packing line later in the season. If this is the case, one of our mobile box tipplers could be the solution for you.

Installation: Don’t forget to check the width and height of door openings before specifying the location of your box tippler in new builds.

Finish: What type of material is going to be best for you? In a high care environment, you will want stainless steel, but in other situations, a more cost effective, mild-steel box tippler with our high-quality paint finish could be perfect.

References: Lots of people trust Haith to handle it, but sometimes you want to hear first-hand experiences. That’s why we are happy to introduce you to current users, who will not only tell you about their machine and experience working with Haith but may also even let you see their machine in action!

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