Linroyale Direct Drive Potato Polisher

Linroyale potatoes are renowned for grading, washing and packing of top quality potatoes. Based at West Stockwith near Doncaster, they supply a variety of potatoes to supermarkets and the catering industry from salads to bakers.

Linroyale believes that in order to produce the best product then it is necessary to have the best machinery. As a result Haith have been supplying washing and grading equipment for a number of years. Linroyale are always keen to invest in the latest machines to ensure their modern packhouse remains efficient and effective.

Haith have worked along side other companies such as Odenberg and Sammo to produce solutions for potato handling at Linroyale. They invested in a fully automated weight grading and box filling system for their range of baking potatoes. Also, Linroyale now have a total of two optical sorting systems in place to increase productivity and reduce labour costs.

More recently, Linroyale have decided to change their belt driven polishers to the new Haith direct drive machine. This is one of the most recent developments in Haith’s range of washing machines and has so far had a huge amount of interest from across the world. The new drive design puts this machine well ahead of its competitors by drastically reducing the amount of maintenance required.

The new polisher has individually driven brush rollers which replace the belt driven system used by other manufacturers. Other smart features include a quick release coupling system for easy roller brush roller removal, triple sealed bearings mounted in cartridges for easy replacement and automated brush roller rotation to extend brush life.

Initially, Haith replaced one of Linroyale’s machines with a new 3 metre direct drive polisher and Linroyale very quickly saw the benefits. Stuart Clark said “This new polisher has made a big difference to the maintenance of the line. We don’t have to worry about belt tension or pulley alignment and the machine has not required any attention in the past six months.”

It was this success with the first machine that led Stuart to make the decision to replace his other polisher with a 3.5 metre direct drive model. “We are always keen to reduce costs even if it requires some initial investment” said Stuart. “and by purchasing the latest technology we can be sure that we are producing a top product.”

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