Haith Doubles Its Presence At Potato Expo

The UK’s leading manufacturer of vegetable handling equipment is doubling its presence at this year’s Potato Expo.

Haith Group, which has been designing and supplying innovative solutions for farmers, packers and food manufacturers since 1964, will showcase its full range of machines in Las Vegas on 14th and 15th January.

In previous year’s Haith has exhibited alongside Fox Solutions, its agent in North America and Canada. This year, to double its presence at the event, Duane Hill, Haith’s sales director, will be manning booth 1210.

“North America and Canada are two of the world’s most significant potato growing countries and areas in which we’ve successfully delivered nearly 50 projects. We believe there’s a growing demand for efficient, well-made potato handling machines and we’re keen to deliver even more projects in North America and Canada. By having our exclusive booth as well as our presence on the Fox stand, we hope to reach out to even more people at Potato Expo.”

Haith’s broad range of root crop solutions spans single machines to complete systems for unloading, dirt elimination, pre sizing, grading, sizing, washing, polishing, soaking, hydro-cooling, bulk bin storage, box filling and packing. As well as talking to visitors about these products, Duane is keen to introduce visitors to Potato Expo to two new products: the Store Loader PRO and 2020 Washer & De-Stoner.

The 2020 Washer & De-stoner is the most efficient and hygienic model that Haith has ever produced.

Aimed at people processing ten to 25 tonnes of potatoes per hour, the 2020 Washer & De-Stoner is made from stainless steel and features a new innovative barrel design, which incorporates gentle produce lifters and intelligent speed adjustment for variable throughput and washing. It also benefits from a separate clean water discharge tank and an extra-wide de-stoner that gently transfers the crop into water.

The Supa-flume De-stoner within the machine features an oversized heavy-duty elevator that will cope with heavy soil and clod loadings and is capable of removing stones of up to 250mm in diameter.

Duane Hill, Sales Director at Haith, believes the new machine offers the lowest running and maintenance costs of any washer and de-stoner on the market today. “We’ve worked incredibly hard to improve on our market-leading 2019 Washer & De-stoner. We’ve achieved this by making it quicker for people to change the crop, reducing the amount of water the machine uses and incorporating intelligent sensors to only release dirty water at a certain turbidity.”

Haith’s other new product, the Store Loader PRO features the latest Evolution separator table, which allows the operator to create soil separation recipes and easily save regularly-used settings.

The Evolution deformable roller separator, which removes dirt clods, stone and haulm, can be complemented or substituted by reliable and proven Haith soil separators such as the high-frequency continental web, steel or polyurethane coils with varying size and pitch options or multi-finger stars. All units are easily interchangeable to suit growers using the store loaders for several types of crops, including carrots, onions and red beet as well as potatoes.

Another new feature for 2020 is the inclusion of an all-SEW drive option. Furthermore, Haith offers as standard taper lock rollers, meaning all drive and driven rollers have easily removable shafts, negating the need to change the whole unit when a roller of shaft requires replacement.

As with the previous version, the 2020 of the Haith Store Loader features a detachable drawbar for easy towing and can be specified with LED road lights, driver assistance system and LED safety markings.

All of the machine’s functions can be controlled through the remote panel’s HMI, all conveyors are variable speed and reversible making the store loader pro versatile in all store and yard layouts.

“The Haith Store Loader is an incredibly well built and reliable machine, proven in the field over many years. The 2020 model introduces the latest energy-saving and operator-friendly technology and ensures easy maintenance,” says Duane.

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, please visit our Machinery Section, email sales@haith.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1302 831 911.

To find out more about Fox Solutions, please visit  www.solutionsbyfox.com