Haith Pro Sort Takes To The Road With GRIMME

Following successful events in Shropshire and Cambridgeshire, GRIMME UK continued to tour the new Haith PRO SORT around the UK last month.

The PRO SORT optical sorter and a GRIMME Clean Loader were put through their paces in Goole at the beginning of the month and Herefordshire on 13th and 14th October.

The PRO Sort automates the removal of stone, clod and foreign debris from potatoes and helps growers cope with labour shortages. A TOMRA 3A optical sorter sits at the heart of the machine, which can handle up to 100 tonnes per hour with high levels of accuracy.

The TOMRA 3A employs Near Infra-Red multi-spectral sensors for an unobstructed assessment of every object ‘in flight’, seamlessly identifying between potatoes and foreign material. As well as debris, the 3A’s colour sensors can also detect green potatoes, which like the debris, are removed at the end of the conveyor belt by air actuated finger ejectors, powered by the Pro-Sort’s onboard compressor.

As the PRO Sort is a modular unit, it can be used in the field or on a farm and easily integrated into a new or existing grading line.

“The PRO Sort demonstrations started in September in Shropshire,” says Duane Hill, Managing Director at Haith. “We enjoyed fantastic turnout, with more than 25 farms coming along and seeing the PRO Sort in action. The feedback we received was extremely positive. We even had one grower want to buy the demonstration unit there and then! We’re looking forward to taking our latest innovation to more farms across the country and showing people the future of on-field and on-farm grading.”

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, please visit our Machinery Section, email sales@haith.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1302 831 911.