Haith To Talk Post-Brexit Plans At Fruit Logistica

The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of vegetable handling equipment will use this week’s Fruit Logistica (5-7 February) to ramp-up its post-Brexit preparations as the company looks to continue its excellent European export levels.

Haith machines are used in packhouses, food production factories and on farms around the world, particularly in North America, Canada and Western Europe.

“We’ve seen export sales grow significantly over the last decade. There’s no doubt that the uncertainty about how exactly the UK will trade with Europe and the United States has made some people more cautious. However, we have still received a high level of enquiries and orders from those areas in recent years,” says Duane Hill, Sales Director for Haith. “Obviously, we want this to continue in 2020 and beyond and we’re looking forward to meeting our European agents in Berlin next week to discuss how we can best work together going forward.”

As well as meeting with agents, Haith has reported an unprecedented number of meeting requests from potential customers.

“It’s quite amazing how many people are heading to Fruit Logistica and have been in touch to arrange meetings. With people flying in from America, Canada and even from the southern hemisphere we’re going to be very busy indeed!” adds Duane.

Fruit Logistica will also be the first time Haith has spoken to European customers about its new Store Loader PRO, which was launched at LAMMA 2020 in January.

Haith has incorporated several innovations into its latest store loading machine.

Visitors to Haith’s stand will be able to see how the inclusion of the latest Evolution separator allows the operator to create soil separation recipes and easily save regularly-used settings.

The Evolution deformable roller separator, which removes clods, stone and haulm, can be complemented or substituted by reliable and proven Haith soil and mids separators such as the high-frequency continental web, steel or polyurethane coils with varying size and pitch options or multi-finger stars. All units are easily interchangeable to suit growers using the store loaders for varying crops such as carrots, onions, potatoes and red beet.

Another new feature for 2020 is the inclusion of an all-SEW drive option. Furthermore, Haith offers as standard taper lock rollers, meaning all drive and driven rollers have easily removable shafts, negating the need to change the whole unit when a roller of shaft requires replacement.

As with the current Haith Store Loader, the 2020 model features a detachable drawbar for easy towing and can be specified with LED road lights, driver assistance system and led safety marking.

All of the machine’s functions can be controlled through the remote panel’s HMI, all conveyors are variable speed and reversible making the store loader pro versatile in all store and yard layouts.

“The Haith Store Loader is an incredibly well built and reliable machine, proven in the field over many years. The 2020 model introduces the latest energy-saving and operator-friendly technology and ensures easy maintenance. Our customers feel very reassured having a strong machine that keeps going throughout difficult and catchy seasons as we experienced during the dreadful 2019 harvest. We’re looking forward to introducing people to the 2020 Store Loader Pro at Fruit Logistica,” concludes Duane.

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, please visit our Machinery Section, email sales@haith.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1302 831 911.