Haith Unveils Its 2019 Sample Washer

Haith has launched the 2019 version of its Sample Washer.

The UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of vegetable handling equipment has taken the guesswork out of sample washing potatoes, carrots, beetroots and turnips by introducing programmable functionality to the latest version of its Sample Washer.

By using an intuitive energy efficient inverter with a programmable user interface, the operator can easily set the duration of the wash, which is generally a three-minute programme but can be as short as 30 seconds and as long as ten minutes. By being able to programme the wash time, multiple samples are washed for precisely the same duration and samples are fair and accurate.

Apart from loading the washer and setting the programme, the operator doesn’t need to do anything else as the process is entirely automated, with Haith’s timed wash procedure guaranteeing consistent results. The design also removes the need for the operator to open or close the door, as this is done automatically.

Haith’s sample washer is now loaded and unloaded from the front via an infeed chute with interlock access door, allowing it to be placed against a wall or in a corner if needed.

Up to 20kg of produce is fed into a pintle lined barrel, which is semi-submerged in water, where the crop is washed. Once complete, the sample is automatically discharged onto a sample tray via an elevator. Haith has also incorporated a drain valve and easy access to make cleaning the washer a straight forward process.

Haith’s designers have been keen to minimise water and energy use. The sample washer needs just 400 litres of water to operate, much of which is returned to the washer tank once the wash cycle is complete. Energy use is also low, with the Haith Sample Washer requiring just 1.12Kw to run and a full load requiring just 3.1 Amps.

The 2019 Sample Washer is available in stainless steel bead blasted or painted mild steel finishes.

“We’re really pleased with the 2019 Sample Washer,” says Duane Hill, Sales Director at Haith. “We’ve listened to customers and introduced the features that they’ve requested, which should make our new Sample Washer incredibly popular with people looking for an easy to use, well built and feature-packed washer.”

Haith’s new Sample Washer is covered by an extended two-year warranty on wearing parts and can be included in one of the company’s service and maintenance agreements.

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, please visit our Machinery Section, email sales@haith.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1302 831 911.