New Box Filling Solutions From Haith

The UK’s leading manufacturer of vegetable handling solutions has extended its market-leading range of box-filling solutions.

Haith has followed-up the unveiling of its Quanta Fill box filler at January’s Potato Expo in the United States by introducing the RotaTip PRO and an innovative box stacking module.

The Quanta Fill features a unique in-feed conveyor that gently layers the crop into a buffer bunker, which is then lowered into the box. Active discharge doors then open to transfer the crop into the box, simultaneously raising as it fills. The process ensures that the weight of the box is never lifted and the machine is not put under pressure, which eliminates fatigue and prevents damage to both the machine and the box. The additional box handling functionality allows the operator to place stacks of empty boxes into the machine, which are then automatically de-stacked and transported to the filling module. After filling, the boxes are re-stacked for the operator to remove from the line.

Haith is also offering box stacking and de-stacking as part of its 2024 RotaTip box tippler upgrades.

Available as additional modules for the RotaTip PRO box tippler, Haith’s new box stacking and de-stacking functionality significantly speeds up the box handling process and dramatically reduces forklift movements.

The latest version of the RotaTip – the RotaTip PRO – also features a new all-electric box clamping system, which holds the box in place when rotating and has the ability to handle varying height boxes, from 900 to 1200mm tall. The latest design is narrower than previous versions, allowing it to be transported on a standard HGV trailer. It is also easier to install or relocate, as Haith has incorporated forklift pockets in the latest design. Haith has also improved the accessibility of the main electric drive, placing it at low level for easier maintenance.

As with previous RotaTips, the RotaTip PRO handles potato boxes quickly and reliably, even in harsh conditions. As the tippler is rotated around a centre pivot, the weight of the box is never lifted, and the machine is not put under pressure, which eliminates fatigue or prevents damage to both the machine and the box. The absence of hydraulics also removes the chance of oil contamination. The RotaTip PRO offers exceptional power consumption as Haith has incorporated high-efficiency motors, which only run during the tipping sequence.

“With nearly 200 RotaTip box tipplers in use worldwide, the RotaTip is an incredibly popular machine,” says Duane Hill, Haith’s managing director. “We are always looking to make life easier and more efficient for our customers, and these new innovations will do just that.

“By introducing box stacking and de-stacking to both the RotaTip PRO and the Quanta Fill, users will operate more efficiently and with fewer forklift movements, something many of our customers have said they would benefit from.”

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, please visit, email or call 01302 831 911.