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Direct Drive Roller Dryer

  • Potatoes
  • On Farm
    On Farm
  • Packing
  • Capacity of up to 30tph
  • Pintle lined infeed rollers protects the drying rollers from initial feed and removes any debris
  • Individual drive on each motor reduces maintenance
  • Unique coupling to allow easy roller removal
  • Gentle on crop
  • Efficient and low maintenance
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Operator friendly
  • No oil in the crop zone

In 2017 Haith gave their Research and Development team the task of developing a more reliable, low maintenance roller dryer which gives excellent moisture removal on produce. The result of this was the Haith direct drive drying system with low voltage, high efficiency motors connected to each drying roller.

Wet crop is gently placed onto the roller dryer, the first two rollers are rubber pintle lined allowing excess water and small debris to fall through which extends the life of the drying rollers.

The crop is then spread across the full width of the dryer and as the crop passes over each roller it actively rotates each individual tuber to dry the full surface area. Each individual roller has an adjustable wiper blade underneath to remove any excess water from the roller. The crop is then discharged over the end ready for further processing.

This innovative design prevents roller slip when working under load and spring loaded squeezing rollers running on the underside remove excess water to maximise crop drying. Incorporating a special drive coupling between gearbox and roller for simple, quick roller removal which are available in various widths and roller quantities with either felt or sponge covered rollers.

The machine can be fitted with an automatic roller clearing device to safely remove produce when changing varieties or cleaning the line down, all rollers are connected to a common inverter for infinite control of throughput.

Standard features
  • Separate shaft mounted drive on each roller
  • Unique gearbox coupling to allow easy removal of top rollers
  • Sprung loaded scrapers on bottom dewatering rollers
  • Support frame with integral drip tray
  • Hinged top guard for easy access
Optional features
  • Pintle rollers at infeed
  • Available with sponge or food grade felt rollers
  • Additional drying fans above roller bed
  • Electrical clearing system for produce removal from top rollers

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