Home Machinery Hydrocooler


  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Parsnips
  • Brassicas
  • Packing
  • Capacities available from 500kg to 20,000kg per hour
  • Styrofoam insulated panels for improved cooling
  • Food quality modular belt
  • Easy access for cleaning belt and tank
  • Variable speed on product belt
  • Water filtration system

When cooling is required on vegetable packing lines the most widely used option to give continuous accurate temperature reduction comprises of a chilling coil mounted over a slow moving belt, cooled water then drenches the vegetable to bring down the temperature, this system gives you control of the time that the product is in the water.

All Haith hydrocoolers are manufactured in stainless steel and fitted with external insulation panels to prevent temperature loss and reduce energy usage, there is a full size stainless steel Glycol cooling coil which is mounted over the moving floor covering the total area of the product on the belt and variable speed on the main belt giving infinite control. Water is then pumped from the hydrocooler base tank into a distribution tray and over the cooling coil bringing the temperature down to around 1°C which then drenches through the vegetables on the belt below.

The coil mounted in the top of hydrocooler is connected to an external refrigeration unit which cools and circulates the refrigerant through the coil system keeping the temperature at the correct level. Product on the belt would be at a set depth to give a dwell time of approximately 20 minutes bringing the temperature down to around 3°C before the vegetables are transported to the packing machines or cold storage to be packed later.

The Haith hydrocooler has an integral water filtration screen as standard to prevent blockages on the water distribution trays along with open construction on the sides for easy access and cleaning of the main belt. The hydrocooler can be supplied with a discharge elevator mounted in a water holding tank on the out feed of the machine for gentle and even product flow, the water tank is part of the main hydrocooler so the vegetables are always in chilled water.

Standard features
  • Plastic modular belt
  • 3 phase variable speed motor
  • Plastic drive and idler sprockets
  • 50mm thick styrofoam insulation
  • Fibreglass outer cladding
  • 5mm thick base tank with drain valve and cleaning door
  • Water distribution gallery
  • Waste screen cleaner
  • Glycol cooling system

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