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Maxi Pea Viner

  • Processing

The product is introduced into the feed hopper via an elevator and is then fed into the barrel by a short screw conveyor. The 2400mm long barrel is fitted with longitudinal beater bars which also act as supports for the separator screens.  The screens are hard plastic coated wire mesh. A rotary brush runs on the outside of the barrel to prevent haulm build up on the screens

The central rotor has angled beater blades which propel the product against the longitudinal bars thus splitting the pods. The angle of the blades imparts forward movement to the haulm eventually discharging it from the end of the barrel.

Separated peas and small waste fall through the screens on to a cleaning apron whose operating angle is adjustable and should be adjusted to achieve minimum crop carry over.

The drive drum of the apron is triangular thus creating agitation in the belt which causes the peas to roll down hill onto a cross conveyor whilst the waste travels on with the belt and is discharged.

Variable speed motors are fitted to the barrel and rotor whilst the apron is fixed speed.

Variation of the speed is essential to cope with tender early and subsequently more mature peas.

By varying the barrel and rotor speeds it is possible to achieve maximum throughput with optimum separation and minimum damage.

Standard features
  • Variable speed drive to drum
  • Variable speed drive to centre rotor
  • Hexagonal centre rotor with beater blades
  • Adjustable angle cleaning apron with fixed speed drive
  • Pea discharge conveyor with fixed speed drive
  • Infeed and discharge chutes
Optional features
  • Supply of additional set of screens to process broad beans

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