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Mini Sampling Pea Viner

  • Processing
  • Separates peas from pods in sample batches prior to harvest
  • Heavy duty & hygienic design
  • Removable plastic coated screens
  • Pea collection tray
  • High efficiency drives throughout
  • Capacity up to 300kg per hour

The product is introduced into the feed hopper in batches and is then transferred to the barrel via an infeed auger.

The barrel is fitted with screens that sieve the peas from the line of flow.

A driven central rotor featuring angled beater blades propel the product against the screens thus splitting the pods. The angle of the blades imparts forward movement to the haulm eventually discharging it from the end of the barrel.

Separated peas and small waste fall through the screens on to a removable collection tray below.

High efficiency variable speed drives are used throughout.

The separated peas can then be collected and put through a tenderometer to test the maturity.

Standard features
  • Heavy duty drum with shaft mounted variable speed drive
  • Variable speed drive to centre rotor
  • Cleaning apron with adjustable angle
  • Infeed hopper and discharge chute
  • Removable plastic coated sizing screens
  • Inspection doors for cleaning & maintenance
  • Pea collection tray
Optional features
  • Supply of additional set of screens to process broad beans
  • Available in stainless steel or mild steel (painted)

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