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Mobile Wash Systems

  • Potatoes
  • On Farm
    On Farm
  • Processing
  • Capacity up to 50tph
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High efficiency motors for low cost running
  • Barrel or brush wash systems
  • Automatic sludge removal to reduce water usage
  • Floating waste system for the removal of hollow heart potatoes and foreign material
  • Externally mounted bearings for accessibility and longevity

Haith Mobile Washing Systems are a specialist, flexible and high-capacity solution for on-farm washing, developed to assist farmers in supplying the crisp and chip factories with a clean washed sample, free from stones and foreign objects.

Many innovative features are integrated into this equipment to allow low cost running through high efficiency motors and automatic sludge removal to reduce water usage. These units can be supplied on a chassis which can be towed by either a tractor or HGV.

This all in one system, with its robust design has an integral stone separation system and an automatic sludge and floating waste system on out feed for the removal of hollow heart potatoes, wood, plastic or any other foreign material.

To ensure machine longevity and ease of maintenance, a unique shaft sealing system has been designed which allows all bearings to be mounted externally making them easily accessible for servicing and giving extended life unlike other machines on the market with bearings that are running under water.

The automatic sludge removal system is very effective for keeping water usage to a minimum and containing the waste, the HMI touch screen enables the operator to make adjustments and control the whole system from one point. CCTV can be fitted to allow the operative to monitor crop flow from the inspection cabin.

Standard features
  • Fully mobile system
  • Pintle lined barrel for maximum crop cleaning
  • Variable speed drives
  • Inspection area with LED lighting
  • Touchscreen HMI for control of all functions
  • Integral destoner
  • Floating debris removal system
  • Sludge removal system
Optional features
  • GRP Insulated inspection area
  • HGV or agricultural trailer chassis
  • On board generator
  • Hydraulic folding discharge conveyors
  • Stainless or mild steel construction

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