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  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • On Farm
    On Farm
  • Processing
  • Packing
  • Quality, size and shape sorting in one machine
  • Accurate selection of high-value products
  • Consistent quality output
  • Gentle product handling
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Modular design for future extension (up to 16 categories/outlets)

Newtec’s optical sorting machine for potatoes or carrots is designed to sort produce by size, shape and quality in a single-stage process. The machine sorts washed produce directly, eliminating the need for pre-grading and minimising the need for manual labour, whilst ensuring consistent quality and high throughput.

Up to 16 categories of products can be sorted out simultaneously. Sorting criteria for these categories are instantly customisable according to the current needs. Premium product selections can effortlessly be sorted out of bulk produce.

Being completely configurable by the operator or factory manager the sorting machine permits near-instant turn-around time and unparalleled flexibility. Additionally the machine collects detailed real-time product data which is available with Newtec WebServices. The same data can optionally be integrated in your own business IT-systems for further analysis.

Standard Features
  • Infeed section
  • Camera section
  • Spinaflex section
  • Support Frame
  • Conveyors

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