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  • Potatoes
  • Packing
  • Capacity up to 30tph
  • Barrel length 4m-5m (+ de-watering section)
  • Large 1700mm diameter barrel
  • Gentle on the crop
  • Hygienic design
  • Efficient and low maintenance
  • Separate water discharge tank – whole tuber is submerged in clean water
  • Fresh water spray nozzles for additional cleaning
  • Increased product shelf life

The Haith SupaWash was designed specifically for larger potato packers for an advanced washing solution.

It has all the innovative, market-leading features that our standard barrels have including external bearings throughout and robust design but with the addition of a separate clean water discharge tank.

Barrel washing has been the preferred option over many years for the removal of soil from vegetables, although other options have been tried and tested we still come back to the rotary drum being the best and most reliable way of washing due to the gentle scrubbing action when vegetables are rotated in a barrel filled with water.

Through our market leading innovation team we are continually researching ways of improving our equipment to give the best in class vegetable handling solutions to our clients.

The latest Haith Supa-Wash incorporates all of the standard features on our barrel washers which include shaft mounted drives, cooper split bearings on the main drive shaft, split drive shaft with coupling, all bearings are external and away from water for ease of maintenance and longevity, conveyor rollers with shaft locking system, heavy duty laser cut barrel with slots or holes depending on product being washed, fully pintle rubber lined inside the barrel, air operated full width discharge door and HMI touch screen control with diagnostics.

The waste which is collected in the base tank can be automatically removed by an auger and scraper elevator system alternatively you can have a series of air valves which can be controlled to dump in sequence monitoring the volume of water usage.

All barrel washers can be supplied as a complete system with de-stoning on the in feed and a floating waste removal unit on the out feed of the barrel which is ideal when the washer is incorporated in to potato processing line.

This Supa-Wash comes with the addition of an internal de-watering cone section with lifters on the outfeed of the barrel to gently bring the potatoes out of the drum and feed into a separate integrated clean water tank; this removes any dirty wash water residues left on the vegetables from the barrel keeping bacteria on the product to a minimum.

A CIP cleaning system can be supplied as an option which allows automatic internal sanitation of the washer, this is controlled from the HMI and can easily be done at the end of each shift, which is another important factor in reducing bacteria and improving vegetable shelf life.

Standard features
  • External bearings throughout for longevity and ease of maintenance
  • Large 1700mm diameter barrel
  • Fully pintle lined barrel to maximise cleaning of crop
  • Air operated linear discharge door
  • Touch screen HMI to control all functions
  • Variable speed barrel drive
  • High efficiency electric drives
  • Fresh water spray bars to rinse the crop on exit
  • Heavy duty top shaft with SEW drive and TorqLOC® shaft mounting system
Optional features
  • Integrated de-stoner
  • Cooper split bearings on top shaft
  • Floating debris removal system - for the removal of wood, plastic and hollow heart potatoes
  • Sludge removal system with full length auger and scraper elevator - reduced water consumption
  • CIP System

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