Whole Crop Marketing Moves For New Mobile Washer

Whole Crop Marketing is the first company to purchase Haith’s new 2019 mobile washer.

The new machine developed by the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of vegetable handling equipment offers several improvements on the previous model.

For the last year, Whole Crop Marketing has been using one of Haith’s older mobile washers, but an increase in demand for its potatoes meant a second machine was required.

Designed specifically around Whole Crop Marketing’s requirements, the new washer can handle up to 50 tonnes of crop per hour. It features an integrated Supa-Flume de-stoner with slewing stone elevator which rotates allowing the washer to travel on roads; Haith’s effective sludge removal and floating debris removal systems; the inspection area has LED lights and infrared heaters; and HMI touchscreen controls.

As well as the innovative features specified by Whole Crop Marketing, if required Haith can also incorporate an insulated GRP inspection area; optical sorters for removing defect potatoes and foreign objects; metal detectors; on-board pressure washers for cleaning and on-board generator so that the washer can self-power any additional features.

Haith’s sludge removal system means there is no on-site water treatment or drainage required and any floating debris, such as plastic, wood or hollow heart potatoes can be separated from the main crop.

“We are delighted that Whole Crop Marketing has been so impressed with their original Haith mobile washer and have decided to come to back to us for this new machine,” says Ken Hollingsworth, UK Sales at Haith. “Like all of our machines, we’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money on innovating and improving the mobile washer since Whole Crop Marketing first bought one from us. The 2019 version of the mobile washer is an incredibly effective and well-made machine, which will serve them well for many years to come.”

Mark Tomlinson, Managing Director at Whole Crop Marketing says there were several factors in their decision to buy a second mobile washer. “Despite being over ten years old, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with our current Haith mobile washer. It has never let us down and is still going strong. It doesn’t have some of the features found on the 2019 model, but it has been effective and reliable, and that played a part in our decision,” he says. “We did have a look at other manufacturers but after talking to Ken and the team at Haith, decided to stay with them. The fact that they would tailor the washer to our exact requirements was a major factor in our decision.”

A 20% increase in demand for Whole Crop Marketing’s produce, thanks to several crisp manufacturers either appointing the company to their supply chain or awarding them an increased tonnage, was behind the company’s decision to purchase a second mobile washer, which will initially be used in Cornwall for early season potatoes and then at growers across the UK.

Incorporated as a limited company in 1964, Tickhill Engineering, which trades as Haith, is one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of vegetable handling equipment. Its range of grading, washing, bulk handling, weighing, pre-pack systems and water treatment solutions are relied upon by some of the world’s largest food producers and packing companies along with farmers of all sizes in the UK and overseas.

Haith introduced its first mobile washer in 1979 The original machine lacked some of today’s innovative features, relying on a steel rod washer and people to pick off the debris.

To find out more about Haith and its range of vegetable handling equipment, please visit our Machinery Section, email sales@haith.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1302 831 911.