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ProSort: Mobile Optical Grading System

  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • On Farm
    On Farm
  • Fast, effective and efficient solution for sorting root crops on farm
  • Able to sort potatoes, onions and bulbs up to 100tph
  • Automates the removal of FM such as rocks, stones, soil clods, wood, bone, plastic, glass, metal, and rubber with accuracy and consistency
  • Scans objects with near-infrared and colour sensors: also detects and ejects unwanted green potatoes
  • Easily integrated into a new or existing grading system
  • Can be manufactured to suit individual requirements

As labour becomes increasingly scarce, a key challenge facing growers is sourcing workers to manually sort the crop as it goes into store or loaded out onto transport to their customers.

Automating the process of sorting the trash and stone accurately from the good tubers has the potential to significantly increase throughput and save growers many of the costs and issues involved with manual picking.

GRIMME and Haith now offer two new optical sorting solutions that do just this, the Haith ProSort being one of them. Optical sorting is not new, and TOMRA is widely acknowledged as a leader in this type of technology.

The advanced TOMRA 3A optical sorter is capable of unrivalled foreign material removal, this highly efficient machine is powerful and robust, easy to use and maintain & reduces storage needs.

However, what is new is how the technology has been incorporated by Haith and GRIMME into a new mobile, modular unit that fits quickly and easily into existing processes.

For example:

  • Used in conjunction with the GRIMME RH receiving hopper taking potatoes into store
  • Used alongside the GRIMME Cleanloader ensuring that the potatoes being loaded are precleaned to the highest standard
  • Used as part of a new or existing Haith grading line to sort and clean the incoming crop
  • Used exactly when and where the grower or processor needs rapid, accurate cleaning
Standard features
  • Fully mobile system packs neatly away with drawbar & road lights
  • Coil soil extractor
  • Tomra 3A optical sorter
  • Manual inspection area
  • Touchscreen HMI control
  • Full length PVC canopy
  • Additional electrical sockets for infeed/outfeed equipment e.g. box filler
  • On board compressor
Optional features
  • Integral bulk receiving hopper
  • GRIMME MultiSep
  • Adjustable coil or star separators
  • Evolution Separator
  • TOMRA 3A: 1200 / 1600 / 2400 widths
  • Fixed or mobile system

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