Reducing Energy Costs, Not Performance

The media have widely covered the rising cost of living, but it’s not just individuals affected; businesses will be feeling the impact of national insurance increases, the soaring cost of raw materials and rapidly rising utility prices.

Not surprisingly, saving money and cutting costs are on everyone’s agenda, including growers and food producers. So it’s good to know that Haith’s machines are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Here are just a few ways in which Haith’s vegetable handling solutions reduce energy consumption:

ie3 drives

Our vegetable handling machines feature highly efficient ie3 drives. We use smart controls in our PLCs to keep electricity consumption to a minimum without impacting performance.

Haith Rota-Tip

Unlike conventional hydraulic box tipplers, our market-leading Haith Rota-Tip saves energy as its electric motors only draw power when it is in use. It’s also worth noting the saving of FLT movements with the Rota-tip too.


The new generation Haith Supa-Flume utilises a highly efficient close-coupled pump, which uses significantly less power than its predecessor. The open impellor design and variable speed drive give optimum stone separation in all conditions.

Sequenced Start-Up

The way vegetable handling lines power-up can impact their energy use. Imagine a factory where all of the machines power up simultaneously. In that situation, the energy consumption will be higher than if there is a sequenced start-up, which gradually increases the energy draw.


If you’re planning a new facility, considering the whole operation is a good idea. Take our new Pro-Line, for example. It features our most energy-efficient machines in the most efficient configuration, meaning users get maximum productivity from the minimum number of machines. This lowers the initial cost of the line and its ongoing running costs. Where we have installed these systems recently, we have seen customers replacing up to five lines with a single Pro-Line solution.

Water Recycling

As well as reducing energy use, we always look at ways in which to reuse and recycle. We’ve seen customers, such as Jack Buck and Puffin, make significant savings by reducing their water use by installing a Haith water recycling system alongside our vegetable handling line. We’ve known factories that have lowered their water use by 90%!

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you become more efficient, give us a call on 01302 831 911 or email